What are you currently inspired by?

A few years ago, we set out to do the thing that many people did during the pandemic, renovate our kitchen. It was a big undertaking. Our kids at the time were 8, 6 and under 2. I used Pinterest as my guiding light during the design process and felt my self wanting to pull away from the all-to-common all white kitchen.

At the time, there were a few colourful kitchens cropping up in my Pinterest feed but I felt unsure. What colours could I possible choose that I wouldn't tire of quickly?

My eye was drawn again and again to green. These large, open airy kitchens that screamed custom and expensive. However, one day on one of my many trips to Ikea to check out kitchen design in person, my eyes fell upon the Bodarp cabinets.

Photo by @alexandradecossette (via Pinterest)

The clean, modern but interesting cabinets sparked something in me and I felt as though I could make them work in our kitchen. The IKEA display however, was absolutely uninspiring. The cabinets were paired with unattractive appliances, silver accents and just an overall dreary look. So I pushed those images out of my mind and went instead back to Pinterest to see if those inexpensive IKEA cabinets could become the custom kitchen of my dreams.

Of course, this was during the pandemic and as we all know IKEA had some major supply issues at the time. It was a miracle that I was able to aquire (over a 3 month period mind you) all the necessary cabinet panels and bases for our desired design.

Before: (top 2) Kitchen and (bottom)soon to be dining room

After: Kitchen (BODARP IKEA cabinets and VEDDIGE IKEA uppers) and dining room

Here I am though, 3 years later and I still love our kitchen. It helps me remember how much I love colour. Everything has been so beige (I still love beige though!), and gray for so long that with colourful things coming back around in the realm of style, I feel like Dorothy when she enters the Land of Oz and suddenly everything black and white becomes full technicolor. I'm looking around in wonder thinking, "there you are, I've missed you"

Much like I felt with my foray into colour again with my green cabinets (and more to come!), I'm excited about my foray into colour with my jewelry design once again. I wanted to include some things that are currently inspiring my design. As we enter the summer, it's true, things do tend to slow down for me (and maybe that's needed) but I'm looking forward to using more colour than ever in my upcoming designs and I can't wait to share it with you. What's currently inspiring you?

Here are some recent finds that are giving me all the feels.

 @foxhomesmn @thetileshop

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Carrington Lighting / Mitzi-Lyra Sconce

Marble Systems / Dougga-honed Limestone tile

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Cherubina / Vestido Lucia Dress

<"Moda Operandi / Ancient Peru Maxi Dress

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Yes! I’m so loving the color everywhere right now! I’m currently trying to add some to my all black wardrobe….

Emily J

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